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In 2004, I spent several days with filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky. Among the things we spoke about was a shared love of cinema and stories, but we also veered into topics that were deeply personal. Alejandro was the first person to speak to me about the Tarot in an intelligent way. As a result of those conversations, I began a serious study of the cards, which eventually brought me to a workshop with his co-author, Marianne Costa, along with others over the course of many years. Whether reading yourself or for others, professionally or as part of a self-care practice, the art of Tarot is an insightful and gratifying tool of discovery.
This is an online course. Availability is limited.

Contains approximately 20 lessons. No pre-recorded videos or messages.


-Tarot is philosophically neutral and adaptable to many uses 

-Provides an avenue for confronting challenging psychological material

-Assists in developing a habit of deep introspection

-Encourages the use of, and trust in, personal intuition

-Helps hone techniques in self-development

-Facilitates learning the language of symbols and signs


“[The Tarot] are psychological images, symbols with which one plays, as the unconscious seems to play with its contents.”

Carl Gustav Jung 

“The Tarot will teach you how to create a soul.”

Alejandro Jodorowsky

“Tarot doesn`t predict the future. Tarot facilitates it.”

Philippe St. Genoux

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Contains approximately 20 lessons. 

No pre-recorded videos or messages.

$125 USD

If you have any questions about this course, please use the contact form.
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